8 Year Solid Winter Covers for Above Ground Swimming Pools From

8 Year Solid Winter Covers   for Above Ground Swimming Pools From
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Product Description

The $39.99 price is for the 12x17 Oval Cover. In the drop down menu, you select your size and you will see how much more that cover is than the 12x17. For example, the 12x20 cover is $4 higher than the 12x17, so the price equals the price chart below.

*The color of the cover may not be as pictured below.

Our Above Ground Solid Winter Swimming Pool Covers are constructed of an extremely tight weave fabric that does not allow light to pass through. Without sunlight, algae cannot grow! It features a black underside to retard algae growth and heat sealed seams to ensure a crystal clear pool next spring.

Purchase cover in "Pool Size". Actual cover size is 4 feet bigger than the pool size in order to secure the cover in place. These solid winter covers include the cable and winch that you use to tie the cover on the pool.

This cover has a scrim of 8x7 per square inch and a Manufacturer 8 Year Pro Rated Warranty. Installation instructions and Warranty Card

We also sell all the accessories, like air pillows, cover pumps, and cover seal wrap

Oval Pool Size Actual Size Price
12'x17' 16'x21' $39.99
10'x20' 14'x24' $39.99
12'x20' 16'x24' $43.99
12'x24' 16'x28' $46.99
12'x28' 16'x32' $49.99
15'x26' 19'x30' $53.99
15'x30' 19'x34' $59.99
16'x25' 20'x29' $54.99
16'x28' 20'x32' $59.99
16'x32' 20'x36' $63.99
16'x40' 20'x44' $73.99
18'x30' 22'x34' $63.99
18'x34' 22'x38' $69.99
18'x38' 22'x42' $74.99
18'x40' 22'x44' $79.99
21'x41' 25'x45' $89.99
21'x43' 25'x47' $93.99

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