Blue Solar Blankets for Inground Swimming Pools

Blue Solar Blankets for Inground Swimming Pools
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Product Description

Inground swimming pool solar blankets

Our inground swimming pool solar blankets are made to give you the maximum heating and insulation properties, combined with long life. Durable 12-mil blankets are loaded with thermal bubbles that retain heat at night and on cloudy cool days. Our transparent blue color helps ensure that the sun's heating rays are reaching your pool water. Your pool will be up to 15�F warmer than an uncovered pool. All our blankets are U.V.-protected so they last under the most intense sunlight. They are backed by a 5 Year Prorated Manufacturer Warranty.

We also carry several solar blanket rollers and reels for inground swimming pools

Pool Size in Feet Price
12x20 $69.99
12x24 $79.99
14x28 $99.99
16x24 $99.99
16x32 $119.99
18x36 $149.99
20x40 $174.99
20x44 $199.99
24x40 $209.99
30x50 $539.99

Our solar covers may change slightly from time to time in color and style due to manufacturing upgrades.

If you have an irregular shaped or custom swimming pool, you can simply trim the swimming pool cover to fit with a pair of scissors. Allow the cover to expand after shipping and the fold creases to work themselves out before cutting the solar blanket.

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