Wall Whale Brush

Wall Whale Brush
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Product Description

  • Attaches to standard pole.
  • 18" Nylon Brush.
  • With the Wall Whale, you simply push down with one hand and the force of the water against the Wall Whale creates pressure between the brush and pool surface. As long as the brush is moving, even with the pole fully extended, the Wall Whale will hold the brush firmly against the pool surface.
  • Creates More Than 10x The Force!!! Just like a car's spoiler helps it hug the road, the force of the water against the Wall Whale helps the brush stay against the pool surface. As the Wall Whale moves through the water, the water pushes the brush against the pool surface with more than 10x the force. The Wall Whale eliminates skipping and the need to brush a single area over and over to clean the surface.
  • As you pull the Wall Whale back to the top, the tail flips forward to eliminate drag. The shape of the tail gently lifts the Wall Whale off the pool surface so you are only brushing on the down-stroke toward the pool drain.
  • Adjustable Angle Sometimes you're brushing for routine maintenance, sometimes it's to remove algae or for new pool startup brushing. The Wall Whale has a setting for any need. Set it on low for normal maintenance, set it on Medium to High for algae removal or new pool startup brushing.

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