Zodiac Barracuda G4

Zodiac Barracuda G4
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Product Description

This model has been discontinued, but we have other In Ground Swimming Pool Cleaners in stock.


THE ULITMATE AUTOMATIC POOL CLEANER DELIVERS SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE The secret to the G4’s superior cleaning performance lies in its advanced technological features and underwater steering capabilities. Designed using similar principles of buoyancy, propulsion, and water flow as other aquatic vessels. G4’s unique rudder system allows for quicker coverage of your entire pool area. The unit’s exclusive sail allows it to navigate more easily around steps, corners, and ladders. Because of G4’s superior aerodynamics, it hugs the pool’s surface to provide excellent suction and cleaning. It also cleans faster!

G4’s patented long-life “flow keeper” diaphragm is the only moving part in the unit. It allows G4 to clean at much lower pump pressure than other units, so it works on older pool filter systems as well as new ones. The unit hooks up to your skimmer and is driven by your pump and filter system, so it cleans anytime your pump is running. The G4 also acts as a skimmer while it’s cleaning, so leaves and surface debris continue to be removed. It is easy to install and requires no tools.

Advanced design make the G4™ quieter than “flapper-style” cleaners. The unit comes complete with cleaning head and 39-ft. of hose. Backed by a 2-Year manufacturer warranty against manufacturer defects and wear and tear. Invest in the ultimate pool cleaner this season with the unparalleled G4.

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