Zodiac LM3 Chlorine Generator From

Zodiac LM3 Chlorine Generator From
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Save time and money on chlorine and chemicals with Zodiac's chlorine generators. Swim in soft silky water that you produce; and say goodbye to red eyes, skin irritation and harsh chemical odors. It's 100% pure, trouble-free chlorine produced naturally and automatically. By adding a mild salt solution to your pool, the Zodiac LM3 charges the salt ions and produces chlorine. The salt solution in your pool is at a much lower level that is found in a human tear.

The Zodiac LM3 is fully automatic so you can set the chlorine level and forget it. The unit will automatically keep your pool chlorinated at the desired setting. The LM3 also reverses polarity which cleans the units electrodes, virtually eliminating any calcium build-up on the cell. The system is made with clear housing for easy inspection, and touch panel controls with a memory feature that make setting it easy.

The LM3 also has a unique super-chlorination feature, which can be activated at the touch of a button. This mode automatically boosts chlorine levels after periods of heavy usage or hot weather. We offer the LM3 in two sizes to accommodate most pools. It is backed with a 3-Year manufacturer warranty on the cell and a 1-Year Manufacturer Parts and Labor Warranty on the entire unit.

End the hassles and expense of buying chlorine and enjoy silky soft, clear pool water with Zodiac LM3 Chlorine Generator.

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